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About CasaPinhal

About CasaPinhal

CasaPinhal is an agency suited for the canvassing and mediation of real estate products and dedicated to meeting the requirements and finding the best options for this part of Central Portugal, which is being affected by the scourge of desertification and beyond.

With its head office in the beautiful, historical village of Cernache do Bonjardim, Sertã Municipality, a land of culture, good morals, gentle habits and fine cuisine, and located in the pine forest region of the district of Castelo Branco.

This agency was conceived bearing in mind a more effective alternative with the objective of providing a higher quality, more efficient, upstanding service. Our motto is: the best advertising is good service. The founder of this upcoming, innovative project, Rogério dos Santos, has many years of experience in the real estate business and has held senior positions in various well known, giant multinational companies and has lived abroad for more than four decades.

The staff of CasaPinhal, together with its closest partners and friends, will do its utmost to mediate the sale, purchase or rental of its client’s most precious asset and follow procedures that will ensure the conclusion of safe deals free of unwanted surprises. To all this we will also add the experience, professional approach, commitment and thoroughness of those who represent it, both, at national and international levels.

We wish to antecipate our sincere thanks for all your trust and confidence in our new venture and, specially, in us.


Rogério dos Santos
Rogério dos Santos